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Bari ZakynthosNetferry offers you ferries from Bari to Zakynthos .
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Ferries Bari Zakynthos

On Netferry online booking find easily and fast your ferry from Bari to Zakynthos. Greece is easily reachable from Italy by ferry transporting passengers, vehicles, campers. Choose the best way to reach Zakynthos from Bari, visit Netferry web page dedicated to the Bari Zakynthos route and your reservation will be already done!

Ferry Companies  Bari Zakynthos

Ventouris Ferries is the ferry company operating on the Bari Zakynthos route. Experties and quality at the service of passengers, make your travel by ferry to Zakynthos from Italy an enjoyable experience. Ventouris Ferries since many years works on routes connecting Italy to Greece, travelling with vessels equipped with many services and comforts for passengers going from Bari to Zakynthos.

Bari Zakynthos Frequency and duration times departures

NetFerry online booking offers you many services, in addition to booking and purchase you can easily and fast check timetable and duration of the sailing from Bari to Zakynthos. Ventouris Ferries operates two sailings weekly departing from Bari to Zakynthos, the sailing will take about 20 hours.

Fares and prices Bari Zakynthos

Visit NetFerry online booking and you will get free information about prices and fares on the Bari Zakynthos route. Fares and Prices are easy to check on NetFerry website: just select your desired accommodation, numbers of passengers, possible vehicle on board, date of departure and in a few second cheapest fare will be available for you.

Offers, specials discount and promotions Bari Zakynthos

On Bari Zakinthos route special offers for passengers travelling in deck or seat with their vehicle on board! Deals for young people travelling to Greece and for family choosing Zakinthos as their destination leaving from Bari.

Bari Zakynthos Ferry Booking

Save on your holiday: reserving on NetFerry online booking your travel by ferry will be the cheapest! Find out your low cost travel by ferry on NetFerry! A helpful call centre available for you, will show you the wide range of possibilities you will have for booking your ferry ticket with NetFerry.